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Who are we?

We are a growth consultancy focused on telling your brand’s story. In a world of “content is king,” we take a measured step back to the beginning, focusing on your origin story, core values, and vision – we get to the root of your “why?” before focusing on the “how?”

We bring over 36 years of combined experience to the table, sharing knowledge in leadership and development, strategic planning, brand storytelling, marketing, public relations, and more.

We are experts in asking the right questions and sifting through the noise to establish a clear vision and direction for your brand.

We are here to help.

Our Founder & CEO, Alicia McGlamory, was raised on a family farm in Georgia – on Denny Road. When she decided to step back from a high-paced career as a marketing executive, she felt the strong urge to return to her roots. Denny Road was where it all started. The place where her imagination ran wild, roaming the land with her siblings and cousins, using old rusty cattle cars to reenact the Boxcar Children books. The place where she learned to work hard, helping her family on the farm during hot summer days and shelling peas or shucking corn in the carport at night.

Helping entrepreneurs succeed – working hard to get to the root of their values and vision in order to craft and share their stories through their brand – that’s what Alicia and Natalie bring to the table. We combine skills learned at Fortune 500 companies and globally-recognized consumer goods brands with the creativity and lessons fostered on Denny Road to help your team succeed.

What’s your Denny Road? Where was the seed planted in your heart?   We’d love to help you tell that story.

Dirt Road 2.jpg

Why Denny Road?

Why Denny Road?


Alicia is the Founder + CEO of Denny Road, a growth consultancy. She is passionate about helping brands, individuals, and teams grow. She brings 26 years of experience to the table, and her background as a Global Marketing Executive helps her relate to the challenges of businesses and teams. She is an Accredited Enneagram Practitioner and Coach.

Areas of Expertise:

Assessment, Coaching, and Development

(Individuals, Teams, Executive + Senior

Public Speaking
Facilitation: Strategic Planning, Meetings,

Leadership + Development Training
Emotional Intelligence + Empathic 

Marketing, Media, and PR
Brand and Product Development


Natalie Alexanderson

Natalie is a trained Graphic Designer with a degree in Fine Arts, Graphic Design from the Art Institute of Atlanta.  With over 12 years of graphic design and marketing experience, she is skilled at building brands from the ground up and reenergizing  existing brands.  Natalie loves using design to tell the story of people and brands

Areas of Expertise:
Graphic Design
Web Design
Brand Development
Creative Content Development
Social Media Strategy
Marketing, Media, and PR

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Alicia McGlamory

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